Do you want to share your experience of participating in a clinical trial?

May 21, 2014 Alpha1 Admin Comments Off

A new European project called EUPATI is trying to collect the real life experiences of patients who have participated in medicines development and clinical trials. People with Alpha-1 who have participated in clinical trials are encouraged to take part by the deadline of April 11th.

EUPATI project

The first step of the EUPATI project is to develop an online learning course on medicines development which will educate 100 patient advocates to expert level (to apply visit before April 20th 2014). For this course EUPATI are looking for real life stories from patient advocates that have been involved in medicines research & development. The stories can be used to educate fellow patient advocates who are training to become patient experts in the medicines development process. They will also provide other patient advocates with the insights of their peers so that when they go out and actively participate in different ways they have a practical idea of what to expect, to do and not to do. Your story will be of great value in making meaningful patient involvement in the medicines development a gold standard of the future. 

To share your experience an online survey has been set up. Click here if you are willing to share your story. The deadline for sharing your experience is April 11th 2014.

For more information on the EUPATI project click here.