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Smoking and Alpha-1

July 23, 2014 Alpha1 Admin Comments Off

Smoking is the number one risk factor for lung disease in those born with Alpha-1. The European Lung Foundation and the European Respiratory Society describe the benefits of quitting smoking in two excellent diagrams. Remember no matter how late in life one quits there are benefits to be gained. Avoiding smoking at all costs is incredibly important for anyone with Alpha-1. This is because if you have Alpha-1 and are a smoker, you will develop severe early onset lung disease in the form of COPD or emphysema.
Find out more at: www.healthylungsforlife.or

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Roisin Thursan, Smoking Cessation Officer and Michelle McGettigan, Helath Promotion Officer, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9


For more information you can contact the National Smokers Quitline (1850 201 203) or view websites such as www.quit.ie or www.cancer.ie. There is also smoking cessation support available on www.facebook.com/HSEquit.

Useful Numbers:

National Smoker’s Quitline: For help quitting smoking, call the National Smoker’s Quitline on Callsave 1850-201-203.

Quit.ie: For help, information and advice on quitting smoking, visit www.quit.ie or www.cancer.ie

Get Ireland Active: For information on getting active and managing your weight, visit www.getirelandactive.ie