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June 27, 2014 Alpha1 Admin Comments Off
The National Alpha-1 Clinic is based at the National Centre of Expertise for AATD at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. Here, a rapid access specialist Alpha-1 clinic is available for newly-diagnosed Alphas.  The clinic provides a holistic approach to care by a multidisciplinary team including doctors, nurses, respiratory scientists, and physiotherapists. Aims of AATD Care
  •  Assess and monitor patients
  •  Educate patients
  •  Promote well-being
  •  Preserve lung function
  •  Maintain independence
  •  Explain genetic inheritance
A number of tests may be ordered for you to check your lung and liver health including breathing tests, lung x-ray, liver ultrasound, phlebotomy and a full medical and physical examination. The team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding your condition, the specific type of AATD you have, how this may affect your life and how it may affect your family. The appropriate medical follow-up in the clinic and lifestyle changes advised can help prevent or at least postpone the development of AATD-related lung and liver disease. If you have been diagnosed with AATD and would like to be seen by a specialist at the National Alpha-1 clinic, ask your doctor to write a referral to the National Centre of Expertise for AATD, care of Professor Gerry McElvaney, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9.